You have just attended the Wedding Fair at the Minneapolis Convention Center. You fell for too many wedding dresses, chatted with too many interesting Minneapolis/St Paul wedding vendors, and, admit it, ate too many delicious cake samples. Well done, this is what we call a great expo experience! But what do you do next? How to sort out and use to your advantage all the information and contacts you gathered during the show? Let us suggest a few easy steps.

If you have been organized enough at the fair (remember the binder/notebook we suggested?), you will have all the information in one place. Otherwise, start going through the leaflets and brochures you came home with. Tip: do this a.s.a.p. while everything is still fresh in your mind. Create categories, such as best deals, vendors you clicked with (this may sound funny, but it’s actually a super-important aspect to consider), best dresses, best decorations, etc. Once everything is categorized, you will start seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.

The next step will take a bit longer. It’s time to start your research. With vendors posting a lot of images and news on their profile pages, social media will prove more useful than you can imagine. Check their websites, as well, browse photo galleries, write down prices and years of experience, and look for customers’ reviews - they are priceless.

If you are checking a large number of vendors, sort all the info in an excel sheet so you can easily compare details, and weigh pros and cons. Sometimes, choosing a vendor is not only dictated by price, but also by testimonials, experience, and how you communicated with that person. When hiring a wedding vendor, make sure your personalities and ideas don’t clash. You need to be comfortable with each other.

After narrowing down your favorite suppliers, call or email them. This is a first approach where you explain your wedding vision and enquire about their package options and prices. There may be vendors who do not seem very helpful, take too long to reply, or simply don’t feel right. Follow your gut and just move on if they don’t seem to be a good match for some reason.

Once all details have been discussed, book an appointment where you can finalize and sign the contract. The moment you commit to hiring a vendor you must feel that you are entrusting the success of your big day to the right person.

We hope you had a blast at the Wedding Fair. Rest assured you met some of the best wedding vendors in Minneapolis /St Paul who will help you have a fabulous wedding. Thank you for attending and good luck with your wedding planning!