You’ve been dreaming about it since you were a little girl. It has been your Halloween costume for the past years. The “dream gown” folder on your laptop counts more images than the Vogue archives. If you are a wedding dress obsessed (join the club!) and you just picked a date for your Minneapolis/St. Paul wedding, you‘d better start looking for the real highlight of your nuptials: your gown.

Before driving frantically from gown boutique to bridal salon spending days trying on an insane number of dresses, take a few hours to attend the Wedding Fair.  You will get to feast your eyes on hundreds of wedding gown styles and possibly spot the one that makes your heart sing – all in one day.

Every year prestigious Minneapolis/St Paul bridal boutiques like Wedding Shoppe, Inc., Effie’s Bridal Trunk, or David’s Bridal, just to name a few,  showcase - to the delight of hundreds of attending brides - collections from the world’s most famous designers. Apart from the glitzy dress vendor booths where you will be spoilt for choice, we do have one more treat for you: a glam fashion show (included with your ticket purchase). Featuring styles for brides and their entire wedding party, the show will give you the chance to view the hottest trends in bridal fashion for every body type and budget.

If your main reason for attending a wedding fair is to find THE dress, here is what you should consider:

1.      Be ready to think outside the box and keep your options open.

2.      You won’t know what looks best on you before you’ve tried lots of styles. And we mean LOTS.

3.      Do not pick a dress according to how you think your body will look in a few months. It has to fit you today.

4.      Stay true to your budget (as much as possible).

5.      Bring no more than two people with you to the bridal expo and ask them for very honest opinions.

6.      Have with you a pair of heels, a strapless nude bra and a thong.

7.      Have breakfast before you attend the bridal show. Shopping on an empty stomach is never a good idea.

Throughout the years, hundreds of brides-to-be found their dream dresses at our Minneapolis/St Paul Wedding Fair which saved them lots of time and hassle (plus cash, thanks to fair specials).

Let us help you navigate your way through the magical yet hectic process of wedding planning and find the gown that will be more than just a dress…it will be YOUR wedding dress.