2018 is becoming a huge year for venues that are multi-functional, host amazing views, can be designed for a more low-key/natural feel, or have historical significance. At Simply Elegant, we are seeing our couples choose every type of venue. Museums are making a huge comeback, rooftops and loft-style spaces are becoming more popular, and natural settings with incredible views of city skylines, mountains, or open pastures have been booming in the 2018 season. Venue spaces are one of the ways that couples can express what values are important to them, and the type of feel they want their guests to experience during their wedding day.


Indoor Venues

Indoor venues like museums and hotels are making a comeback with couples who want classically elegant settings. These indoor venues have the ability to be decorated to the clients liking, allowing them to incorporate their own personal touches, while keeping a classic and beautiful background. Churches and temples are becoming the norm for couples who want to have an intimate and religious ceremony with their friends and family. Couples are looking to their family history and religious upbringings to create beautiful ceremonies in places of worship, and at Simply Elegant, we love seeing these amazing worship spaces transform to the wants and needs of our couples.


Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor venues are continuing to have a surge in popularity, especially in big cities and natural settings. Outdoor settings allow couples to create a space they want, using tents, rooftops, backdrops, and other pieces of rental equipment or decor to create a unique and personal venue. At Simply Elegant, with locations throughout the country, we are seeing amazing outdoor venues with views of the Chicago skyline, breathtaking mountain backdrops in Denver, beautiful lake views in Minneapolis and Milwaukee, warm, rustic old barns in Houston, and centuries old plantation grounds and houses in Charleston. Outdoor venues have the ability to be transformed into practically any vision our couples’ have, which make them a huge trend to be on the lookout for in the 2018 season.



When it comes to choosing a venue, outdoor vs indoor really helps a coordinator determine what their clients are looking for for the overall feel of their wedding. Whether your clients choose to host their event all outdoors, all indoors, or a mixture of both, we will be seeing these interesting and unique venue spaces grow in popularity!