I don’t mean wait until your 32 before you get married because of some heavily researched fact about brain development and maturity. I mean, yes, you are super excited about your wedding and getting married and just getting to it. However, you need time to plan.


If you got engaged during Christmas break, and the venue or the photographer you love is available this coming year but only on April 18th, just pass dude. That’s not enough time to plan a party for 300 of your closest friends, with more flowers than you can count and enough libations to keep everyone moderately inebriated, plated meals and a lot of pretty papers.


It’s not enough time.


It will be better for everyone if you can just wait a moment and have more time. More time to be excited, to be engaged, to prepare and to plan. How much time will you need? It depends on the following key factors.



The larger the guest count, the more variables you have to account for, to an extent. If you elope, you can absolutely take that April 18th date that your favorite photographer is available for. But if you have more than 100 guests, you need to be conscious of their lives as well. Selecting a date with only four months in advance might not be enough notice for your guests who literally just found out that your marriage was a sure thing.



How many gals and guys are you wanting to stand by your side? Will they have to book flights or take time off of work? Same as with your guests, four months might be too short of notice to drop everything and become your bridesmaid. Think about how likely it is that your maid of honor will focus on your pre-wedding stress and not her own.



A simple wedding, one with fewer vendors involved, less decor to set up and minimal elements to be designed can be executed in a much shorter time frame. But usually once you really get started planning, once you dive headfirst into the Pinterest rabbit hole, more things get added to your to-do list and not less.


If you are opting for an all-inclusive venue (a small destination wedding or a local venue that does everything for you), then ignore my advice and send out those invites! Otherwise, keep reading.



If you want to get married in a season that doesn’t (predictably) include lots and lots of rain or snow, then you should wait to get married. Typically those wedding dates with the least ideal forecasts will be left open the longest and if you are too busy rushing to pick a date and book a venue you might have just set yourself up for disappointment. An outdoor wedding just isn’t the same in the middle of monsoon season.



Without the flexibility of waiting to get married the vendors, you really want to be a part of your wedding won’t be available and you will end up with vendors you don’t really want. That can spell disaster pretty quickly, you might tend to be hypercritical since you didn’t get your first picks. If you wait to get married, you can inquire with your must-have vendors and select a wedding date based on their availability, guaranteeing that you’ll get what you want.



I know you’re excited, I know you’re impatient, but I hope, for the sake of your wedding success, you wait to get married.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,