I get it. You want your wedding day dollars to stretch as far as humanly possible. But then you want them to stretch even farther. Much farther. The best way to do this is to elope, or invite fewer people, but if you’ve opted for the ask-for-a-discount route, then here are a few tips to follow when asking for wedding day discounts.


1.      Don’t just clip coupons.
Seriously, if you are just picking vendors based on price, you might end up disappointed with their quality of service. Instead of immediately asking if a vendor offers discounts, try seeing if the services they provide are the things you need and want.

Does the person who is going to be present at your wedding seem like a person you want present at your best day ever? Before you just dive in and price shop, think about what is important to the two of you. What things do you want to spend your money on in the first place?

2.      Cut back on services instead.
If you’re looking to spend less, look at the a la carte prices and cut the items you don’t need or want. Ask the vendor for their advice, since certain things, like a microphone for your ceremony, probably are vital. Think about the weddings you’ve attended and the things you didn’t notice, didn’t appreciate, or didn’t want for your own big day.

3.      Tell the truth.
Tell your wedding vendor how much you’ve budgeted and ask them if they can provide what you need for that price point The answer might be no and it’s best to respect that answer. Again, if you are finding that the pros you want are over your price point, a great place to free up some money begins with cutting down your guest count.

4.      Bundle.
There are vendors who offer discounts when you book multiple services like DJ, photo booth, videography, or catering, alcohol, and cake. Bundling will reduce the cost of the individual services, a smart move if you already know you want to book those vendors and if you like the product they put out. Be sure to read the vendors reviews for any red flags on bad bundles.


Wherever you’re looking to cut costs it’s vital that you stay focused on the bottom line. You are getting married to your best friend ever. How lucky. How lovely.


Of course, starting the wedding planning process with determining your wedding wants and setting a budget can really help when making your money matter more. Check out this free quick course, Ready, Set, Wed! to do just that, determine your wedding wants and set a wedding budget.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,