Perhaps you are deciding to forgo a wedding planner and a day of coordinator. Not my first suggestion but I totally support you. I support you reading this blog post, taking notes, and then implementing these expert wedding planning tips so you can be the star of your well planned (and well-executed) day.


30 Expert Wedding Planning Tips

1.      Start with setting a budget.

2.      Splurge on what’s most important to you.

3.      Think about your wedding guests and their experience.

4.      Have an inclement weather plan: tents, umbrellas, fans.

5.      Pay your vendors before your wedding day.

6.      Double check driving directions for traffic, road construction or road closures.

7.      Start with ten room blocks at one hotel and then add more when there’s a need to add more.

8.      Set a schedule for hair and makeup and communicate it to your gals.

9.      Pack your morning stuff up before you start pictures.

10.  Put someone else in charge of the schedule.

11.  Pee before you get dressed.

12.  Create a family photo list.

13.  Assign a family friend to be in charge of that family photo list.

14.  Hide away as soon as guests start arriving early, makes the moment more special.

15.  Pick ushers who are extroverted.

16.  Thank your parents.

17.  Thank your bridal party.

18.  Write down your thank you speeches.

19.  Tell toasters their toasting order.

20.  Don’t be afraid to only serve champagne at the head table.

21.  Have a plan for the bouquet vases.

22.  Buffer your timeline with extra time.

23.  Don’t make last minute changes.

24.  Don’t save DIY for last minute.

25.  Plan for snacks.

26.  Opt for comfortable shoes.

27.  Stay hydrated.

28.  Assign a safe car for your wedding gifts.

29.  Plan for leftover desserts, like if there are leftovers how do they get to your fridge at home?

30.  Have the shuttle run until the end of the night.


You got this, and I know you’ll plan the perfect wedding day. You’ll think of all the little details and you’ll hand over control on the day of. Need more help? Keep reading this blog series for more wedding planning tips.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,