It’s the morning of your wedding, and you couldn’t be more excited. As evidenced by the lack of sleep you got but the fact that you still feel like one million dollars. I’m excited for you. Like big time, but I want to make sure that you and yours have a great morning, one filled with laughter, some champs, and plenty of time.


Here are nine ways to make getting ready for your wedding fun:


1.      Champagne toasts. Opt for mimosas and kill two birds with one stone, nutritious and delicious.

2.      Open gifts. Show your gals, your moms, and your flower girls how much you appreciate their time, their love and support by giving them a little gift. It doesn’t need to be elaborate or expensive; they don’t even need to be matching, just a little token of how lucky you feel to have them in your life.

3.      Get ready in a room with space. What’s a bigger buzzkill than having to pay bills on your wedding day? A room that doesn’t fit your bridal party. ‘Where’s Sarah, can someone find Sarah?’ ‘It’s in my bag… in the other room… no the other room…’.

4.      Healthy breakfast. In order to get after your day and have a fun morning, you need fuel. Start with a breakfast other than pop tarts and start your day right.

5.      Personalized notions. Think in terms of robes or shirts, slippers or mugs. This can be part of your bridal party gift or just an added bonus.

6.      Wedding day music playlist. Set the tone right from the start for a fun day, opt for music from your teens or some instrumental techno, it’s a thing, see the Brain Food station on Spotify.

7.      Give up control. By giving your maid of honor/bridesmaids a copy of the timeline they can help remind whoever is queued up next for hair or makeup. I suggest adding to your timeline when your gals should be dressed and when they will be taking pictures with you, then they’ll know!

8.      Read. If you and your fiance opted to write one another wedding day cards, open and read yours right after hair and makeup but before you get dressed.

9.      Relax. Yes, don’t forget to breathe and take it all in. Give yourself a 5-minute breather before pictures start, even before you get dressed. Be in the moment because this day is going to fly by!


Want some of these moments captured? Having coverage for the entire morning isn’t absolutely  required, but, if you have a lot of precious moments, you might want to just go for it and opt for full day packages from your photographer and/or videographer. Be sure to communicate which things you want to be captured with them so that you can create a timeline that allows for all of this. Getting ready for your wedding is going to be a blast! Implement these tips and get ready to get married!


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,