There’s a lot of knowledge out there but just like when you buy a car, not all of the advice you hear is advice you should take, like these 10 worst wedding planning tips.


1.      A buffet is a cheap way to feed your guests.
No. A buffet is not a cheap way to feed your guests. Food costs money, people to serve the food costs money, things to serve the food on cost money. Some caterers have a buffet option which is more cost-effective than their plated meal option. But for some catering companies, their plated meal option is more cost-effective. Weigh your options wisely.

2.      Wait to buy your dress until it’s on sale.
Or purchase your wedding dress with enough time for you to get your dress, and have it altered, with a bit of a buffer in case things go longer than expected on either end.

3.      BYOB is an easy option for saving money on liquor.
Easy is the wrong word. You can save money by purchasing your own liquor, but there are a lot of liquor options which also allow you to return any unopened bottles. The downside of BYOB is correctly estimating your needs. Hiring a bartending company eases the stress behind the potential of running out or running low.

4.      DIY everything to cut costs.
Opting to do it yourself may not always save money. Especially if you are an inexperienced stationer or a novice disc jockey. Without a great plan or an expert to rely on for advice, DIY can result in a big headache. Hindsight makes most brides and grooms wish they had paid for the professional and gotten some of their time and their peace of mind back.

5.      Skip appetizers to save on your catering bill.
Please, feed your guests. If they have to go 2 or 3 hours between the start of your ceremony and dinner, they will be hangry.

6.      Have your girls pay for their hair and makeup on the day of.
How about the week before. This will alleviate early morning awkwardness and inconvenience. Get it out of the way before the wedding morning so that you can enjoy your day without any hiccups.

7.      No ring, no bring, and a uniform kids policy.
Unfortunately, creating and then trimming the guest list can really tie your insides into knots. Listening to other people’s advice about your own friends and family can leave you feeling guilty and cruel. Go with a plus one policy that feels right to you and allow kids or don’t allow kids, it should be whatever you choose.


I know you’re about to get a lot of advice, on what you should or should not do with and for your wedding. Please, take it slow, take all advice with a grain of salt, and focus on the “why” of your wedding. I’m getting married because I love my fiance and want to spend the rest of my life with them.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,