Before you overwhelm yourself with what to’s and what not to’s, read these 17 wedding planning tips that you just cannot get married without.


1.      Don’t (price) shop until you drop.
Instead of inquiring with hoards of vendors, preening through their return emails for the smallest dollar sign, pick three vendors that you like the most and compare what they have to offer. You have a lot of things to figure out and to book for your wedding so using up all your energy on one vendor category at the beginning would be unwise.

2.      Quality over cost.
You get what you pay for still applies to weddings. Opting to skimp on your reception music, for example, could prove detrimental to that all-nighter you have envisioned.

3.      DIY doesn’t always save you money.
A lot of couples feel confident that doing decor or invitations DIY will be a huge money saver, but not necessarily. Without a little experience or a grand plan doing it, DIY can result either in poor quality OR your perfectionism might grip you tightly and say goodbye to having time to spend on anything but your wedding sign, your handmade wedding macrame backdrop, etc.

4.      Don’t tip vendors whom you’ve already tipped.
Some wedding vendors include gratuity in their invoice. Make sure you read it through top to bottom, understand what it is you are paying for.

5.      You can have the wedding you want, even if you go against tradition.
If you’d rather not have a bouquet toss or want to forgo a receiving line, then do (or don’t).

6.      The best vendors communicate clearly and smile when listening to you talk about your wedding.
You want the best vendors, but you want them to care about your wedding day and to make your wedding planning process easier, less stressful. All of this so that on the day of the big event your plans get executed the way you’ve envisioned. Otherwise, why not DIY everything?

7.      A small guest count can mean more money for other wedding wants.
Feeling like your wedding budget is going to be stretched thin? Consider inviting fewer people to keep things affordable.

8.      You don’t need to rehearse at your ceremony site.
It’s true. You can practically rehearse anywhere. I’ve conducted rehearsals at hotels in conference rooms, at parks, and at restaurants in the party room. What matters more is that you have a good outline for the rehearsal and that the people who matter most are present.

9.      Prepare cash tips in envelopes ahead of time.
That way you can divvy them out on the night of without being locked into the tipping amount.

10.  If you’re getting married outside, and there is a chance of rain, you should rent a tent.

11.  If you’re getting married outside, and there is a chance of it being really hot, really cold, really hot and windy, or really cold and windy, you should rent a tent.

12.  If you’re getting married outside, you should rent a tent.
Maybe I’m trying to be overly prepared, but really I just am looking out for your best interest. Yes, it might stop raining or warm up for your ceremony, but what about 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after, you know, when the guests have arrived and before they leave? Think about the guest experience as a whole, and how you can make them the most comfortable. Comfortable guests yield a happier you, every single time.

13.  Fill your emergency kit with things you’ll actually need.
Things like a tide-to-go pen, a small sewing kit, gum or mints, and snacks, you MUST have snacks.

14.  Make sure you have a plan.
If you haven’t hired a professional to take care of all the details, then you need to ensure you have a plan for the things they will not do, like emcee your dinner hour or place your floral centerpieces.

15.  Buffer your timeline.
That way when something runs late, you don’t need to stress out or feel crunched for time.

16.  Designate alone time for you and your new spouse after the ceremony.
Once you’ve said your ‘I dos’ take a moment to revel in the excitement!

17.  If a friend is officiating your wedding, make sure there’s a plan to mail in your marriage certificate. Otherwise, you’re not legally married.


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