Don’t lose sight of why your getting married.


It’s literally the number one advice that like all well-seasoned wedding vendors will give you. Why? Because we see it all the time. We see you get wrapped up in the table runners and the matching groomsmen socks, the signature cocktail garnishes, and the mason jar mugs. And while all of those things are great and are going to enhance your wedding day, the one thing you cannot do without is the “why” of your wedding. You are getting married because [FILL IN BLANK].


I can guarantee that blank is not ‘because I really like spending tens of thousands of dollars on one party,’ or ‘because I really want an excuse to try out hand lettering.’ No, your blank is something much more tender and personal, something like ‘because I found my best friend and I want to marry her,’ or ‘because I want to celebrate our love.’


So focus on that, return to your why when things get stressed and when your to-do list seems insurmountable. Certainly having help, helps. So, let’s move right along to another big mistake couples make.


Going it alone.


I by no means am doubting your abilities or assuming the worst of you. However, ask anyone who is just married, and they will tell you one of two things. Either, ‘we are so happy we hired a wedding planner. We weren’t sure if we’d need one, but she was invaluable.’ Or, ‘we should have had a day-of coordinator because I ended up doing so much, my mom was racing around, and my sister is still mad at me for having to do all the stuff. Hiring a wedding planner would have been so helpful.’


Take that hindsight and avoid messing up big time. I know it seems like just another added expense but think about the difference in experience from when you host a dinner party to when you go to a dinner party. When you host there is a ton of prep work, you have to greet guests, take coats, make small talk, orient everyone on where to go and when, on top of the meal prep, refilling drinks and not to mention the cleanup. When you go to a dinner party you are completely taken care of, there might be a moment or two when you pitch in with pouring wine or passing out napkins, but overall you are free to enjoy yourself.


Your wedding is like that. You’ll be the one at the reins planning and preparing. Shouldn’t you relinquish a little bit of stress and control and let a professional execute your wedding? So you don’t have to worry about being on time or where Uncle Freddy is for family photos, or lining up the wedding party for your processional or cueing dinner service. You can just get married and focus on that why, because you want to celebrate your love.


I see it time and time again, that brides and grooms don’t quite feel the value of having help on the day of their wedding from a wedding planner. They’ve been lulled into a sense of security by their venue or by their restrictive budget, that their current plan is a good plan.


And then the panic of 1 month to go sets in, and they call me.


There is just so much for a wedding, so much planning, so much to think about, so much to prepare for. Take my advice (and the hindsight of couples everywhere) and hire a wedding planner, at the very least for the day of your wedding. That way you can just focus on your why and on having the most fun day ever.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,