What is the hardest part about wedding planning? Whenever we ask this question to Minneapolis/St Paul brides we get more or less the same answer: finding the right wedding venue. To be honest, this does not surprise us at all.

Finding the setting for your big day will prove time-consuming mainly because each wedding location needs to be checked individually, and this explains why so many couples attend wedding fairs looking for the perfect wedding location. There will be many Minneapolis/St Paul vendors promoting wedding venues at the Wedding Fair, so check out our full list before attending, like an organized bride-to-be that you are.

To help you shortlist your preferred locations during your show visit, here are 15 helpful questions to ask site contacts. Having to repeat the same things all over again might seem boring, but just look at this set of questions as the quickest shortcut to your dreamy wedding. Here we go:

1.      Is the venue available for the date/month we are considering?

2.      How many guests does the venue accommodate?

3.      Do you also have a ceremony site? Is there an extra fee for it?

4.      In case of bad weather, what is your plan B for outdoor spaces?

5.      What does the rental fee include? Do you offer discounts for off-season weddings?

6.      How much is the deposit and what is your payment plan?

7.      In case we decided to cancel, would we get a refund?

8.      Do I have to work with your preferred caterers, or can I hire outside companies?

9.      How much do you charge for food & beverage per person?

10.  Can I bring my own alcoholic beverages and will there be a corkage fee?

11.  Do you charge alcohol by consumption or per person?

12.  Will you organize a food tasting before we decide on our menu? Do you charge for it?

13.  Must the cake be made on site, or can we bring one from an outside baker?

14.  Can I decorate the locale using my own ideas, or are there any decoration restrictions?

15.  What time should the entertainment stop and does the venue accommodate a live band or just a DJ?

Write down every single answer and compare them after the bridal expo – this will help you decide on the reception sites that are worth exploring further. Also remember to ask venue vendors for their best deals.

Arrive early at the bridal expo and take your time to visit every Minneapolis/St. Paul wedding venue booth. See you at the Wedding Fair!