Procrastination should be warded away from your wedding planning process like the plague, but if it does rear its ugly head, keep in mind, these 11 last minute wedding details, should not be saved until the last minute, or day, or week.


1.      Music playlist.
If you are dictating to your professional DJ which songs to play when (not advisable), saving the playlist until last minute comes naturally. So does staying up until 4AM ensuring that you’ve created a song list of all your current favorite songs. Instead of cramming like it’s a pre-calculus quarter-final, start a list and tack it to the fridge. Add songs as you think of them throughout your engagement. Then three weeks out from your wedding day, sit down and flush out the list, as in fill in the gaps to ensure you’ve selected enough songs.

2.      Slideshow.
Opting to play a soundless slideshow on loop during cocktail hour can be a great way for guests to be entertained and to get a better sense of you as a couple. Opting to save the slideshow for the week of your wedding can be a great way to raise your blood pressure and then ditch the slideshow last minute. Put it on your calendar, collect images, ask for help from your bridal party, and put that sucker together soon, rather than later.

3.      Confirming the room layout.
Do not save this for the night before your wedding. Confirm the final layout in the last month before your wedding. If you are going crazy with unreturned RSVPs, leave room at tables for those latecomers, or leave an extra table for just in case. If you are assigning guests to seats or tables, just tell yourself, ‘if they can’t RSVP on time, then they can’t be bummed that they’re sitting at a table with strangers.’ That’s the way the cookie crumbles.

4.      Ceremony Music.
Besides the music playlist, you will need to select a song for your processional (walking down the aisle at the begging of the ceremony) and for your recessional (walking back up the aisle at the end of the ceremony). These songs are impactful and can yield a lot of meaning, select them when you select your officiant, so you aren’t stuck with a last minute decision to pick something totally generic and completely meaningless to you as a couple.

5.      Program assembly.
Seeeeriously. You can get a head start on the programs by collecting information required for them as soon as you ask your bridal party to be your bridal party. Keep an ongoing list of information needed for the programs - ceremony time and location, reception time and location, wedding party members, ceremony structure - and create a rough draft when you create invitations. Then you’ll be halfway to completion, and you won’t have to save the whole thing for last minute.

6.      Ceremony.
Saving the ceremony for last minute will always happen when you don’t hire a professional officiant. And that’s okay, to not hire a professional officiant, but be prepared to actually plan your ceremony. To sit down and look up typical formats and to write out who says what when. Your officiant is likely waiting on you to do this, so don’t let it be the other way around.

7.      Alphabetizing escort cards.
Such a mindless and easy task that can be accomplished while watching Netflix. Do it and don’t wait until the day of your wedding for someone else to spend an hour alphabetizing and creasing the folds.

8.      Final dress fitting.
Remember it takes time to sew, but also be mindful that the later you inquire, the more booked a seamstress will be. I also recommend just giving an alteration company a heads up about your impending order, so they save room for you in their busy schedule.

9.      Haircuts or colors.
Please. Don’t mess with your do the week of your wedding. Most stylists will recommend the last cut and color be 4-6 weeks before the wedding, and I think we should all take their advice.

10.  Decor additions.
Picking up last minute decor and purchasing a few more details won’t enhance your wedding. Usually, those details don’t even get used, so they just become drains to your bank account. Don’t add last minute decor details.

11.  An inclement weather plan.
Don’t start talking about it too late, have a well thought out plan, so your option B is just as good as option A. You might not need the plan, but you might.


Good luck wedding planning and good luck staving off procrastination! Do you know someone who is great at leaving things to the last minute? Share this post with them using the links below.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,