I got married back when Facebook was for college students, so I don’t really have the same intuitive understanding of selfies that you do. You should %100 be taking advantage of social media and here’s how.


1.      Wedding hashtag for social media image sharing.
This is a no-brainer. Have a wedding hashtag to allow for friends to share your photos. This is a great way to start your day-after-the-wedding morning, using the hashtag to look at the fun moments of the night that other people had at your wedding.

2.      Snapchat filter.
Design a geofilter that guests can use to share their snaps and to spread the word that you’re married and people had fun watching you do it.

3.      Facebook live for extended family.
Is there more than one person who can’t make the wedding ceremony? Live stream on Facebook so they can watch you get married from their hospital bed or home. Just make sure you have good internet at the ceremony site

4.      Tag people in posts for RSVP reminders.
Do this more; I think it will work. Snap a picture of returned RSVPs and then use the caption: “So many people have RSVPed, and we are getting so excited for the big day!” Then tag people who have yet to RSVP. Guilt is a wonderful tool.

5.      Post your engagement ring photo.
Want to revel in your newly engaged excitement? Post a snap of your ring and let the double taps roll in.

6.      Search for inspiration - not just on Pinterest.
Pinterest is a great tool for inspiration but so is Instagram. Search or follow hashtags that represent what you want your wedding to look or feel like. Some of my favorite? #mnbride or #mnweddingplanner or #rusticwedding

7.      Use help groups to get specific planning help.
Facebook groups can offer a lot of support and personalized planning tips. Search for local groups and then read the comments to ensure the vibe of the group fits your personality.

8.      Find free planning apps and wedding podcasts with hashtag searches.
Again, use hashtags like you would google, ones like #weddingpodcast or #weddingtools or #weddingfair can yield fabulous results.

9.      Buy wedding items on discount using Facebook Marketplace.
These days it’s easy to find the decor and details you want for your wedding on discount from brides who’ve already used them at their wedding. I would go as far as buying used candles - because once they’re lit, you won’t be able to tell a difference. Plus pre-lit wicks are easier to light.

10.  Help visualize your vision.
Following your wedding vendors can really help flood your brain with inspirational images and solidify your design ideas. Don’t be afraid, however, to shut down from social media every so often, so you don’t get lost in the comparison game.

How are you going to use social media for your wedding?

Prosperity, Love & Happiness,