I realize in part I: What questions should I ask at The Wedding Fair, that we missed out on a lot of vendors. I mean, there’s a whole other category of wedding vendors that deserve their own blog post: the ones who give out samples.


First of all, let’s thank those vendors for giving of their time, their film and their food. So nice. Secondly, let’s make sure that you get to know those vendors as much as possible so that you can determine if they’re a good fit for your wedding.



Nothing like a beauty bar to get you excited for your wedding day. And this vendor affords you the best opportunity for brain picking and question asking, because you get to sit still and be beautified.


Make sure that somewhere between the lipstick and the mascara you ask a few poignant questions. Like, “Do you provide on-site hair and makeup, or work out of a salon”, “What is your travel fee”, and “How long do you suggest for each person getting hair and makeup done”. How nice to know those things before you sign the contract.



Yes! This one is so simple. “Are you available for my date?”, “How many hours do most weddings use a photo booth for?”, “How much space should we give you at the reception?”. Asking the experts is the best way to get the answers you’ll need to create your timeline, and create a room layout.


Some photo booths have a set amount of space, others are more flexible. Some you provide your own backdrop, others have it included. Get to know the logistics of the photo booth, and don’t forget to snap a momentum of your time there at the wedding fair.



Or other dessert vendor. Try it and you might like it. But don’t forget to ask a few questions, mainly about style. Open your Pinterest board again and show them the cake style that you like. If it’s flowers you want added, do they do the flowers or do you add this to your florist invoice? Most cakes get set on a cake stand, is this something they rent to you or do you rent (slash buy) it for yourself.


Not interested in cake? Show them that donut bar you want replicated. If you have food allergies, make sure you mention those. You’ll be pleasantly surprised on just how accommodating your dessert menu can be.



Yes! Samples! Pulled pork and bruschetta and anything else they can fit into a paper boat or a tiny plastic cup. But don’t forget to, well, not forget what vendor you ate what from. “Oh that tasted so good”, does your wedding no good if you can’t remember the caterer who cooked that. Use The Wedding Fair program to mark the vendors that you like the most, and grab a business card along with a napkin as you walk away from their booth.


You’ll want to ask yourself an important question, “Do we like this caterer so much that we will get married at any venue they can cater at”. I mention this on purpose because not every venue allows every caterer and not every caterer is at every venue.


If you haven’t booked a venue yet, then be open. Try all the foods and let that guide which venues you want to get married at. If you have a venue in mind, or have already booked one, check which caterers they allow or prefer. That way you can make good decisions at the fair. Ones that result in fewer headaches and more full bellies.


In general wedding vendors just want to talk to you at The Wedding Fair. They want to know about your wedding, about your plans, even about your proposal story. They care about who you are and what you want for your wedding, so tell them all about it!


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,