I’m a planner. Like, for real, I am a wedding planner, but in life, I like to have a plan, make plans, replan and execute plans. If you’re anything like me, then you want to head into the doors of the Minneapolis Convention Center for The Wedding Fair with a plan.


You want to know what you’re getting into, but also you want to know how you can walk out of the wedding fair with plenty of information and answers to continue wedding planning successfully.


It isn’t enough to ask ‘How much do you cost’. Surprising as it might seem, vendors rarely jump for joy when hearing this question asked. Why? Because there is so much customization these days, hardly is one wedding exactly the same, cost and everything else, as another wedding.


Read on for my best tips on what questions you should be asking at The Wedding Fair.



You might think you have a good idea of all the venues in Minnesota, but you’re about to have your world rocked. There a tons of Minnesota wedding venues, each with their own unique feel and specific list of amenities. Be open. Ask if your date is available, but also ask about seeing the space.


“When do you do tours and who can I bring?”


You won’t be able to get a true sense of how you feel in the space, until you are in the space. Of course, it’s good to ask other questions like, “What is the capacity of your venue for ceremony and reception?”, “How long do we have the venue on the day of our wedding, what about a rehearsal onsite the day before?”, and “What are the best bits of your venue?”


But be open-minded. Seriously, I’ve seen it happen where a venue a bride thought they wouldn’t like, they do AND a venue a groom thought for sure they would love, they just don’t.



You might think you know everything about registries, especially if you have been a wedding guest all summer long. But make sure you ask the basics, “How do I add items to my registry?”, “How do people view my registry?”, and “What are popular items that get fulfilled?”. I like the last one, mostly becomes I’m curious… soooo curious.


Some stores also offer a registry party. Party as in champagne, appetizers and customized help to create a registry filled with items that get fulfilled.



Lucky for you The Wedding Fair has an amazing fashion show that you can attend to get inspired and to see the dresses (and suits) in motion. When you head over to the bridal shop booths and wedding suit stands, there’s one question that you must ask, “When do you have fittings and how many people can I bring along?”


You’ve got to try those threads on for yourself before you can determine if you like the way they look on you. So don’t be afraid to sign up for a fitting, ask if they offer discounts for scheduling a fitting at the fair. Also think about one-stop shopping, “Do you have accessories in store, which ones?”


Don’t be afraid to pull up your Pinterest board and ask, “Do you have styles like this?”. You’d be surprised how knowledgeable someone can be about fashion (that’s me, being sarcastic).



While you have your wedding inspiration images pulled up, how about showing them to the florist vendors, ask them “Can you do this (show picture)”. Honestly, I know the answer will be yes, but until you hear it from the person whom you are potentially paying, you might lack confidence in their ability to execute your vision.


A florist doesn’t just provide flowers so ask them, “What additional costs are there besides flowers? Do you have rentals like vases or arbors?”. This can prove invaluable and really move along your planning process. Also ask basic questions like, “Is there a minimum I have to spend?” and “How do I handle the end of the night, with all of those flowers?”


I’ve been at a wedding or two which lacked a plan for the flowers, and if you think all of your wedding flowers will fit in your Toyota Camry, well, then you’ve probably watched too many commercials, because they don’t.



Oh boy, we’ve only got through 4 venue categories. Let me ask you, what vendors are you looking most forward to meeting the fair? What questions are you going to ask?


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,