My handwriting is nothing to rave about; admittedly, I do not possess the talents of a calligrapher. But I sure can appreciate a well written outer envelope when I see one. Hand-addressed wedding invitations have taken on a life of their own, with every type of font available at your fingertips, colored envelopes and different types of writing utensils, it can get complicated real quick. If you are opting for this fancy detail for your wedding stationery, there are just a few things I think you should consider.



It costs extra to add handwriting to the outer envelope; I’m sure this is a no-brainer. But it costs per envelope, so the more people you invite (that live in separate households) the more this detail will cost. That is, unless you address them yourself. These days there are plenty of online classes, and a couple local ones too, you can take to learn the craft.



Hiring a professional can really save your stress level, especially if you are a perfectionist and if you don’t have good penmanship. Or if you just lack the ability to write in a straight line (flashbacks to yearbook signing). It isn’t just about the lettering it’s about accounting for enough space to write all the information on the envelope. Not to mention legibility. You know, so that the postal service can actually deliver your wedding goodies.



Don’t forget to leave room for one stamp, or more, depending on the weight of your invitation. Of course, if you are using special stamps or ink that might get smudged, even when dry, you’ll want to consider hand canceling your envelopes. That way they won’t get ruined before guests even get to see them.


SIDE NOTE: When you mail something the post office makes a mark on the stamp to prevent it from being reused. This is called cancellation. In modern America, this process is done with a machine. A machine that could care less about the wax seal inside of your envelope or the fancy writing on top of it. Bypassing the machine and canceling the stamp manually means more man hours (a person has to do it instead of a robot), hence the need to special request and pay for hand-cancellation. Now you know. I feel like there should be an episode of Reading Rainbow about this...



If you are thinking of having a colored envelope you’ll need to try out pen and ink colors. Legibility and visibility. Another reason why hiring a professional could really be the right way to go, since they already have a plethora of pens and know which papers work best with them!


And that’s all of what I think you should know before you opt for handwritten addresses on your wedding invites.


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,