If you are reading this post thinking,


"Oooh she's going to tell us where to get a free bridal bouquet or free ceremony decor, or a free limo and then she'll tell us how to get to our wedding guests to pay for their own drinks and dessert."


You are so wrong. So, very, very, wrong. What I am going to share with you is wedding budget boosters. As in, if you employ these ideas you can boost your wedding budget.


You can make your wedding budget stretch farther and feel bigger than it actually is. You will beat the system and still be able to say, "Ooooh our wedding was wonderful, we didn't spend a lot on flowers or decor, but it didn’t matter, our guests had a lovely time with us and it was beautiful!"


Here are 5 Wedding Budget Boosters:


Start by keeping your guest list small. Under 200, under 100 would be great. Do you want to know what adds up when it comes to your wedding budget? It's people. Those people that you love and that you want to surround you with love. Because here's the truth: meals are per person, invites per person, also menu cards, place cards, programs, chairs, space, etc.


It all adds up. If you can just take a second, do some foreshadowing, and think to yourselves, “Is it really important to have Kevin at our wedding?”


If it is - great! But chances are, you can cut back and you can save big time.


Have breakfast for dinner. This is not my idea, but it is genius. Straying from the traditional wedding menu can be a game changer. If your venue allows, provide your own sweet and salty bar instead of appetizers. Opt for a breakfast buffet for dinner or choose to skip an open bar.


Caterers have a great deal of flexibility these days when it comes to a menu selection, be brave and ask for the food that you like eating and don’t be afraid to think outside the box.


Go green with the flowers. This may seem like an oxymoron but it's not. Opting to include more seeded eucalyptus and less $8 per stem peonies can really work in your favor. Think about saving the pricey floral buds for things like your bouquet, your boutonniere, or maybe even your head table decor.


Get married at a venue that doesn’t need a lot of decor. Opt for a location that can stand on its own, and these days there are plenty to choose from. You can find a plethora of Minnesota wedding venues at The Wedding Fair.


Get married during the week. A lot of venues will have lower or waived rental fees for weddings during the week (Monday through Thursday) and during slow season (in Minnesota, November through April). I like this tip. I like it because it automatically includes tip #1. Fewer people are willing to take time off of work during the week, therefore fewer people will come to your wedding and you will spend less money, not just on rental fees. Whoopie.


I know this was a tough one, lot’s of Pinterest-bubbles being broken but I think it's important I say one more thing.


You should have the wedding you want, but you should also spend your money on what you want. You being the plural you, as in you + fiance. If a honeymoon is in the plans, perhaps you'll want to hoard more money for a grander vacation post-i-dos. Maybe you are looking to buy a house? Remember that whole housing market crash thing that happened, two words: down payment. And lastly, if you don't like my ideas, don't take them. I'm already married so it's no sacks out of my bin (... er... no skin off of my back).


How do you plan to save dollars? Comment below please! (so I can steal all of your ideas and tell the whole world).


Prosperity, Love & Happiness,