Attending a bridal expo requires LOTS of interaction. You will be approached by vendors and you will ask questions yourself. If it’s your first time attending a wedding fair, here are three things you should not be scared to say to wedding vendors (in fact, they actually expect them).


This is something wedding vendors are so used to, so do not hesitate to show off your negotiating skills at the wedding fair. Suppliers need to be really flexible in this type of business, because the more open-minded they are, the more clients they get.  Do not feel pressured to book with someone just because they want you to use the show special, however be ready to compromise a bit on your end to get that discount (maybe agree to get married on a Friday, or settle for a shorter reception). One thing is sure, though: knowing your budget before starting to bargain will make you feel much more confident.

Saying NO

Every couple is seeing several wedding professionals before deciding on the ones to work with, and vendors know that someone is bound to turn them down sooner or later. If you already chose a wedding shooter, it is perfectly fine to tell the photographers at the bridal expo that you have this covered. Also, if you don’t feel you are on the same page, or share the same ideas after discussing with a vendor for some time, just wrap up the conversation with a “no, thank you”, and move on. Just like everyone else, vendors dislike time wasters and prefer people who really know what they want.


Asking LOTS of questions

Many people fear they will annoy vendors if they keep asking questions. Remember, you are only attending the bridal expo to get answers and wedding ideas, so you are in the right place for asking all the questions that have been on your mind for some time. Write down everything you want to know and try discussing with as many wedding vendors as possible so you can hear more points of view. Communication is crucial to vendors as it gives them the right clues about what you really want.

Be straightforward and speak your mind. At the Wedding Fair there will be many Minneapolis/St Paul wedding vendors at your disposal for a day, so take advantage and make the best of this opportunity!

Is there anything else you would hesitate to do or say at a bridal expo?