You have never attended a bridal show before and you are not sure what to expect. Let us shed some light on our favorite topic.

Over the years, our Minneapolis/St Paul wedding fair has grown into a fabulous affair with a glamorous fashion show, thousands of wedding ideas, food tastings and grand prizes to be won.  Couples flock to the Wedding Fair simply because it helps them save money, get tailored-made services and experience a fun-filled day. Here are the top benefits of a respected wedding fair. All tried and tested.

1.      One of the best things about bridal shows is finding A-Z wedding products and services under one roof. Attending the right wedding fair and following a well-thought-out plan will potentially allow you to book every aspect of your wedding on the same day. And, considering how much time this perk saves, we would say it is absolutely priceless.

2.      With bridal shows being so competitive nowadays, vendors have to come up with tons of wedding ideas and ways to get your attention and make you stop by their booths. In other words, there will be lots of incentives and surprises waiting for you, plus some really exciting prizes to win even without buying anything.

3.      At the fashion show (the icing on the cake of bridal expos) you will get to relax and admire some of the latest trends in wedding fashion. Every year the runway is awash with styles for different body types, a great chance for brides-to-be to say yes to the dress on the spot. Remember that prices are often considerably reduced, especially if you get a style from a previous season.

4.      There will be sophisticated food and cake displays and you will be encouraged to taste everything. This will give you a good hint about your wedding menu so take the chance to discuss it there and then with the best chefs and culinary teams from Minneapolis and St Paul.


5.      Ah, the deals! You can get some really good ones at the fair, especially if you are getting married in the off-season. Even if you don’t book anything on the spot, vendors normally offer a fair promo code or coupon that can be still used for later bookings or purchases.

6.      You will have lots of fun.  A bridal show is the right place to find exciting wedding ideas and design your big day in a unique way. Make the most of this experience.

Plan your dream wedding in one day at the Wedding Fair, the largest and most respected Minneapolis/St Paul bridal show. See you there!