Brides and grooms-to-be are bread and butter to every wedding vendor. However, getting people to know about your business is no easy job. In order to build a good reputation in the wedding industry, you will first have to market your business well and convince potential customers to choose your company over similar ones.

Traditional advertising tools, such as magazines, TV, radio, and newspapers work, but can be quite pricey. If you want to try something different, consider exhibiting at a wedding fair. It will give you the chance for direct interaction with your target customers (while the above tools won’t) and, if done correctly, it can be really cost-effective. 

Want to know if you are looking at the right fair for your business? Here are some points to consider:

●       How popular is the wedding fair?

Find out how long the show has been around and what people think about it.

●       What is their expected attendance?

Inquire about attendance in the previous years and specifically ask the number of brides-to-be who attended the show (this may vary from one third to half of the total attendance).

●       How effective is their advertising campaign?

Good marketing is key in bringing visitors to the fair and, besides using the main local media outlets, organizers should also make good use of social media.

●       How much will it cost you?

If you have already set a budget, find out how much this experience is going to cost you. Ask what is included in the total fee and remember to count in your giveaways and marketing materials, too.

●       Listen to past exhibitors

If you know wedding business owners who have exhibited at this show in the past, ask what their experience was. Candid answers always help.

Wedding Venue

●       Will there be a fashion show?

This is the highlight of every respected wedding fair and a great opportunity for wedding designers and boutiques to showcase bridal fashion and wedding accessories.

●       How many exhibitors are expected and what are the vendor categories?

These details will give you an idea about the size of the event and the competitors who will be showcasing at the fair.

●       Where is the venue located and does it have convenient parking?

The setting is of utter importance and it may influence the number of visitors.

Set your goals, do your research and decide which is the best Wedding Fair for you. Make the best of this experience and the rewards will come for sure.