Attending a wedding fair is like being the guest of honour at a glitzy event.

Once you walk into the venue, vendors will start “courting” you.  You will be invited to taste mouth-watering sweets, try on gorgeous gowns and sparkly jewelry, sip champagne, smell flowers, and touch wedding invitations. However, to get the most of this experience, you will need to make a plan of attack before you go. Here are some tips:

●       Vendors will offer you a great deal of free magazines and brochures, so make sure you bring a backpack or trolley to store them.

●       Wear comfortable attire that can be easily taken off whenever you decide to try on a wedding dress. You will also need shoes that allow you to be on your feet all the time and flattering underwear to improve the fit of the wedding gowns you will be trying on. Last but not least, pack a pair of heels to check the exact dress length you need.

●       Collect all the business cards you are offered and keep them in a special folder until you sort them out at home. In case you see something you like, photograph the item together with the vendor’s business card lest you should forget who was showcasing it.

●       Make a list of questions to ask vendors and chat through your ideas with them. The more you explain, the better they will understand what you are after and offer you just what you need.

●       Set up a temporary email account to be used only for correspondence with vendors. This will prevent your regular account from being flooded with wedding-related emails.

●       If you are looking for the food caterer who will delight the palates of your guests, say yes to every food and cake sample (all packed with guilt-free calories). 

●       Try on as many wedding dresses as you please (if the experts recommend a style you have never been crazy about, keep an open mind - it may turn out to be your dream gown)

●       Have both cash and credit card with you to take advantage of special fair sales.

●       Ask someone whose judgement you trust to join you. This person should also be ready to keep you from taking impulsive decisions you may regret later on.

●       Take your time to listen to the DJs and bands playing live at the show.  The success of a wedding depends on good entertainment.

Wedding Gown

Are you going to attend a wedding fair anytime soon? If so, what are the things you are most looking forward to?