Making the most of your Minneapolis/St Paul wedding expo visit requires a good strategy. This is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for every blushing bride-to-be to chat with vendors, choose from hundreds of wedding elements, and feel like a queen walking around those stalls. Yes, that can be you! In order to help you nail a bridal show like a pro, here are some questions for yourself only.

1.      Who should I take with me?

Is your future hubby really interested in wedding planning, or will he be heading for the exit already after the first few minutes? Are you looking to hire vendors and purchase wedding stuff, or just wanting to have a pleasant afternoon at the fair? How about taking your mom, or your childhood friend? No matter who joins you, you need a person whom you trust and can help you take important decisions.

2.      Which are the vendors I should meet?

Before attending our Minneapolis/St Paul wedding fair, take some time to check the vendor list and select the ones you want to meet.

3.      Why am I attending this fair?

Are you going mainly because you love pretty things? Or maybe you are hoping to find a fabulous wedding planner? Are you just looking for the final touches to complete the wedding planning process? Knowing what you are going to prioritize at the wedding expo is key.

4.      How do I pick my vendors?

Take time for a chat with the vendors you like, but consider setting up a further appointment to discuss everything in detail.  The fair is perfect to establish a first contact, but you will surely need more time and fewer distractions around you to get things perfected. 

5.      Do I have the contacts of my favorite vendors?

You will meet some interesting Minneapolis/St Paul vendors at the bridal expo, but you are likely to forget their names by the time you get back home. Ask for their business cards or brochures and, while you are still with them, write down what you most liked about their products/services. It might seem funny, but after meeting so many exhibitors, you will easily mix them up (and losing important contacts will only lead to wedding drama).

6.      What are details telling me?

The setup of a fair booth will already give you important indications of the vendor’s style, taste and level of professionalism. Check every single detail and whether the décor is following a theme or story rather than being just a pile of clutter.

Adopt this strategy to make the most of your Minneapolis/St Paul wedding fair visit. See you at the Wedding Fair!