Are you a savvy employer? Your next Minneapolis/St Paul wedding fair visit will have to confirm that. If you are looking to hire the right wedding vendors for your big day, be prepared to ask a few questions. Not sure where to start? Here is a short list.

1.      Are you available on our date?

Always start with this question to save time. The vendor might already be booked, in which case you need to look for someone else.

2.      Is this your full-time profession?

Nothing wrong with part-timers, but usually someone working full-time is more responsive and available. And you will oh so need that.

3.      What is your level of experience?

Asking to see a vendor’s portfolio and wanting to know how long they have been in this business is perfectly normal. You don’t just want to hire a person with a hobby (photography, DJ-ing, wedding planning). The professional you want is qualified to do what you are paying him/her to do and will happily put you in touch with some of his past clients for references.

4.      Are you familiar with our chosen location?

Chances are Minneapolis/St Paul vendors already know your venue. If they don’t, they should suggest doing a sight visit with you prior to your big day. This goes especially for the photographer (needs to scout the location for the most picturesque spots), the DJ (must know the layout of the reception hall) and, be sure, the wedding planner.

5.      Are you the one who will be working with us? If not, when will we meet the other person?

Some vendors may not be in the booth at the moment of your visit. If you happen to be greeted by someone hired for the fair, ask whether the vendor will be attending your wedding or hiring/subcontracting someone to do your event. You must be introduced to this person before hiring, no chances taken here.

6.      What sets you apart from your competition?

Some wedding vendors will simply outline what they do best without trash talking anyone else. Some others may start giving negative comments about certain competitors (possibly the ones they “fear”). Take your cues from this comment. True professionals don’t need to stand out by criticizing others.

7.      Do you have a backup plan?

People can get sick, equipment may fail… There are many unpredicted situations that can occur right on your wedding day. Does the vendor have a valid backup? Do not hire someone without a plan B. You need to know you are covered on your big day.

Are there any other burning questions you feel you need to ask vendors at the Minneapolis/St Paul bridal expo? Share them with us!