Bridal shows gather every type of bride. There is the terrified bride who just got engaged and has no clue about wedding planning, the versed bride who has been engaged for some time and is only looking for the final touches to her big day, and then there is the in between bride, who is calm, organized, and is there to find all the wedding vendors she needs (and have lots of fun, too). No matter what type of bride you are, there are three major things you should know before attending a wedding fair.


Do you still have unanswered questions?

Sometimes you will feel a bit lost in the wedding planning process. That’s why wedding planners exist, to shed light on bridal issues and offer expert advice. Do you think a wedding planner would make your life easier? Find one to talk to at the fair. A professional Minneapolis/St. Paul planner will tell you things you have never thought about (we sense your panic levels rising here a bit), and can give you the best insider tips about lots of tiny details that may feel overwhelming.

If you’ve got the planning part covered, but still want to know the price of a fancy ceiling draping, or a sophisticated bouquet, go straight to a décor vendor or a florist. The best vendors from Minneapolis and St. Paul are there to answer your questions and help you find exactly what you want.

Are you still looking for vendors?

If you have not found any vendors yet then, by all means, stop by every booth to figure out the right people to work with. Otherwise, if you only need a photographer or a cake designer, for example, first visit all the shooters and bakers at the fair, and in the remaining time see other vendors for more wedding ideas.


Do you have a vision?

Most brides already know how they want their wedding to be, and have chosen the theme, the predominant colors, and the season for their big day. If you still don’t know what you want, mention to vendors a few of your favorite elements to start with, and listen to their exciting wedding ideas. The more vendors you talk to, the more suggestions you get.

It is perfectly fine to attend a bridal show with no plans whatsoever. Visit our Minneapolis/St. Paul Wedding Fair and let top notch wedding professionals help you. Then watch your dream wedding become reality.